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We are not difficult to find and most Sat-Navs get to the right place using our post code - SA62 4NT. Having said that we thought we'd put some directions based on local knowledge and there's also links to MultiMap, GoogleMaps, MapQuest, and Yahoo! Maps for maps and directions — it's the same information on each, we just wanted to give you a choice of services.

Do take a note of our phone number (+44(0)1646 601 923) so that should all – well, you – become lost you can give us a call and we'll gladly give you local directions over the phone.


  1. No matter where you are coming from, head towards Haverfordwest and you will eventually reach the junction of the A40 and A4076.
  2. Take the A4076 (first exit if heading west, second if heading south) signposted to Milford Haven and the station.
  3. At the next roundabout stay on the A4076 towards Milford Haven (Freemens Way – second exit).
  4. At the next roundabout (Merlin's Bridge) take the first exit – Magdalen Street – and go straight on under the railway bridge; the road becomes Pembroke Road.
  5. Follow the road through Lower Freystrop, Freystrop, Trooper's Inn (where it becomes Thurston Lane), into Sardis and straight on into Hill Mountain (this is just under 4½ miles and takes about 10 minutes).
  6. Just into Hill Mountain turn left into Ashdale Lane.
  7. After about 100m turn left into the farm road. This is signposted and is also a public footpath.
  8. Follow the farm road down to the cottages - you will see Wyn's Cottage in front of you and Little Dumpledale to the right. Go between them and park in the yard.

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