The Caravan – 13 Feb 2016 to 20 Feb 2016

Our first visit to Little Dumpledale Farm and it certainly won't be our last. The Caravan was absolutely lovely. Plenty of room for me, Bruce and our furries - our Labs - Fudge, Ted and Foxglove and our Hamiltonstovare (Swedish Hound) - Pooh Bear. They loved playing chase around the paddock and plenty of space to play football with them. Pooh was impressed with our neighbours - the chickens who live the other side of the fence. She contentedly stood by the fence for ages listening to them chattering to her!!! We had a terrific time and have already recommended The Caravan to friends who have booked a week in the summer. We will definitely be back. Thanks Carol and Trevor.
Pat xx.

Left by Skelly on 24 February 2016