About Us and the Dumpledale Dogs

About Us


Carol & Trevor

Originally from Birmingham, I moved to Pembrokeshire with my parents in 1978 and have worked locally as a civil servant since August of that year. I met Trevor when Jason was five years old in 1990 and we married in 1994.

Trevor is originally from Bristol; he moved to Wales as part of his tour with the RAF and stayed!

We have five dogs of our own here is Waljan


Waljan, or Waj, was born in Hartlepool on 27 April 2005. He is a longdog, 7/8 deerhound 1/8 greyhound, very handsome and knows it. He is also very clever and writes his own blog (www.waljans-blog.blogspot.com/rss.xml.) to let his friends keep up with the goings on on the farm. We also have two deerhound/lurchers a brother and sister out of the same litter who being Christmas puppies were called Donna and Blitzen. Not forgetting Pip who is a Bedlington/Whippet and tiny Fly who is a purebred whippet.


Some of our dogs are walked off lead. We try to stick to the following times so that if you'd rather not be walking your dogs at the same time you know when we will be out.

Weekdays: 7 - 8am and 2 - 4pm

Weekends: 7 - 9am and 2 - 4pm

If you are OK with a big hairy dog and two little ones running towards you, please feel free to walk at any time. In truth, because the area we walk in is over 100 acres the chances are you will never meet us anyway.

Last updated on 16 February 2015